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Acne...addictions...anxiety...back pain...
bad breath...childbirth...child's tantrums...flu...
chronic fatigue...emotional issues...fears...stress...
erectile dysfunction...failing memory...heart attack...
food poisoning...teenage problems...insect bites...
high blood pressure...infertility...miscarriage...
insomnia...irritable bowel... jet growths...
leg pain...losing hair...low self-esteem...obesity...
menstrual problems...nail biting...psoriasis...
relationship problems...and many more.

Life poses challenges.Allswell provides solutions.

At Allswell Homeopathy & Wellness Clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of holistic health services, to achieve the best of health for you.

Long Term relief for your unique chronic condition

Chronic treatment is for cases of long-term or recurring conditions. This treatment focuses on the mental, physical and emotional levels from both your current symptoms, as well as your medical history and past experiences.

For chronic (long-term) or recurrent conditions, you may need regular/multiple treatment sessions over a period of time, depending on the nature and complexity of the underlying conditions.

Immediate relief for your unique acute condition

Acute conditions are self-limited, of short duration and relatively superficial¡ªthough some can be life-threatening (always seek professional medical care, as required).

Acute treatment is a general level consultation that focuses on the current symptoms and how they relate to your individual condition or ailment. This treatment is intended to provide immediate relief for infrequent or short-term issues such as colds, cough, colic, flu¡¯s, allergies, digestive problems, injuries, headache, etc.

For acute conditions, one or two treatments will usually provide relief.





































What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that treats the whole person, not just the disease. Founded in the late 18th century by a German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy is based on the principle of 'like cures like', also known as the Law of Similars. In simple terms, this means that what a substance can cause, it can cure.  

For example, coffee is known to cause sleeplessness; on the other hand, when it is made into a homeopathic remedy, coffee provides an effective treatment for sleeplessness.  

Another example, a bee sting produces redness, swelling and burning, which feels better by cold applications; any skin condition with such symptoms can be treated by the homeopathic remedy made from the bee.  

Homeopathy is based on a completely different paradigm from conventional western medicine (known as "allopathy"), which employs opposites in treatment e.g. antacid to reduce acidity, anti-inflammatory to reduce inflammation, etc.

Homeopathy is a truly holistic system of medicine that is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a therapeutic science. As a holistic system of medicine, it takes into account the totality of symptoms of each patient, i.e. physical, emotional and mental symptoms and lifestyle factors.

As every person has a unique set of symptoms, homeopathic treatment is completely individualized; it is also patient-oriented, not disease-oriented i.e. it treats the patient in his totality and not his individual ailments.

Who uses Homeopathy? How popular is it?

Supporters and users of homeopathy include the UK Royal family, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, Darryl Hannah, David Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Whoopi Goldberg, Boris Becker, Cher, Jane Fonda, Ashley Judd, Rosie O¡¯Donnell, Karl Lagerfeld, the late Yehudi Menuhin, Gandhi, Mark Twain and many other famous personalities.

How does Homeopathy Work?

Homeopathy sees disease as simply an expression of the disharmony/derangement of the energy or life force that governs the body. Homeopathic remedies strengthen the body's own healing mechanism or Vital Force, to bring about an effective, gentle, rapid and permanent cure.

Homeopathic remedies are serially diluted (potentised) to the point where chemically no molecule of the original substance remains, yet they work! Despite the fact that till today, no one has been able to conclusively show why or how homeopathic remedies work, the magic of Homeopathy is that it works; not only that ¨C greater the dilution, stronger is its curative effect!

Is Homeopathy same as other Herbal Medicine? What is so different about it?

Homeopathy is based on the principle of "like cures like" which is not necessarily the basis for naturopathy or herbal medicine.

Also, while homeopathic remedies are sourced from plants, metals, minerals and animals just as in naturopathy or herbal medicine, they are made in a completely different and unique way. Manufacture of homeopathic remedies is done by a rigorous process called potentisation ¨C a process that involves serially diluting and vigorously shaking the original substance in rectified spirit or milk sugar. This process reduces or removes the toxicity of the original substance while increasing its curative effects. 

Thus, homeopathy employs very small non-toxic doses of natural substances. Homeopathic remedies come in readily usable form, and do not need brewing, boiling, soaking, pounding, etc, before they can be consumed.

What are the benefits of Homeopathy?

What do homeopaths do?

Homeopaths recognize that each person is unique depending on a number of factors, from inherited strengths and weaknesses to the influence of life events, diet, lifestyle and environment.  

For patients with chronic health problems, homeopaths take a comprehensive patient history and may use other types of clinical assessment to formulate a treatment plan. In addition to treatment with specially selected homeopathic remedies, dietary and lifestyle advice may also be given.  

There are hundreds of remedies that a Homeopath can choose from to address the patient¡¯s individual condition. The more information / accurate information a patient can provide to the Homeopath, the more accurate the prescribed remedy will be.

What Diseases Can Homeopathy Treat?

Homeopathy can treat most conditions faced by people today -

Acute Diseases and Disorders 

such as -


Chronic (long-term) or recurring Disorders & Diseases such as -

headache, sore throat, earache, cold, cough, flu, fever, hay fever, bladder infection, diarrhoea, indigestion, food poisoning, bruises, strain, sprain, pain, sport injuries, cuts & wounds, conjunctivitis, nosebleeds,  surgery related problems, insect bites, shock, trauma, grief, travel/motion sickness, and much more¡­.
asthma, sinusitis, migraine, psoriasis, allergies, menstrual problems, sexual disorders, fertility problems, insomnia, arthritis, backpain, yeast infections, chronic fatigue, cataract, blood pressure, addictions like smoking, alcoholism, children's problems like ADHD, mental and emotional conditions like depression, fears, phobias, anxiety, stress disorders, and much more¡­.

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FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY for healing the emotions


Dr. Edward Bach, 1886-1936
Founder of Bach Flower Essences
Father of Flower Essences Therapy

"Health depends on being in harmony with our souls."

"Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes."

What sort of conditions can flower essences help with?
Every variety of emotional/mental imbalance can be treated with Flower Essences including fear, panic, anger, anxiety disorders, frustration, shock, obsessive thoughts, lack of confidence,
feeling jaded, lack of focus, daydreaming, depression, dejection, despair, despondency, rigidity in mind, jet-lag, relationship problems, guilty feeling, loss of control, temper tantrum, over-bearing nature, inability to cope with change, indecision, dilemma, restlessness, low self-image, low self-esteem, effects of abuse, shame, trauma, mood swings, over-sensitivity, disinterest, stress disorders, wedding jitters, pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum depression, and emergencies.


What does a Flower Essence Practitioner do?


An expert practitioner does a thorough analysis of the client¡¯s overall nature, general attitude towards life, and specific emotional issues, by interviewing the client with detailed questions, and then draws up a treatment plan tailored to the client¡¯s specific needs. This treatment plan comprises of an efficacious combination of selected flower essences, dosage schedule and some instructions, suggestions and guidelines.

What are the advantages of Flower Essence Therapy?

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What are the benefits of Biochemic Tissue Salts Therapy?

  • Safe, effective, easy to understand and easy to use
  • No over-dosing
  • Non-habit forming, no side-effects
  • Can be taken safely with Homeopathic remedies and even other systems of medicine
What are Biochemic Tissue Salts?

Dr W H Schuessler, a German doctor, also a physiological chemist, physicist and homeopath, formulated this system of treatment. He found that the body is composed of a perfectly and delicately balanced quantity of water, organic matter and inorganic elements.

By analyzing the ashes of dead bodies, he discovered that there are 12 inorganic salts of the minerals calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, ferrum (iron) and silica, which are indestructible building blocks of body cells, and of life itself, found in tissues, bones and fluids in the body.  

Dr. Schuessler believed that a proper balance of the twelve mineral salts must be maintained in order to ensure normal cell function and good health. Any disruption to this balance would cause illness.  

Are Biochemic Tissue Salts also Homeopathic Remedies?

Biochemic Tissue Salts are prepared in one of the methods used to prepare Homeopathic Remedies, known as TRITURATION, a process of powdering the tissue salt with milk sugar and making into tablets.  However, usage of Biochemic Tissue Salts is not according to the "like cures like" principle of Homeopathy ¨C so at a fundamental principle level, the two systems are quite different. Biochemic Tissue Salts may be prescribed in single remedies or in combinations. 

BIOCHEMIC TISSUE SALTS THERAPY for rectifying deficiencies

Dr. Wilhelm H. Schuessler, 1821-1898
Founder of Biochemic Tissue Salts Therapy

"A person can only remain healthy as long as he obtains the necessary minerals in the necessary quantity and the correct proportion".

"....with Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Ferrum in their compound with Phosphoric acid, Sulphuric acid, and Chloride, all illnesses that are curable can be cured".


What are Bach Flower Essences?

Bach Flower Essences (also known as Bach Flower Remedies) were formulated by Dr. Edward Bach who was a Harley Street bacteriologist, pathologist and homeopath. From about 1930, he experimented with the gentle healing effects of flowers, which culminated in his set of 38 flower essences plus a 5-flower combination essence known as Rescue Remedy.

Bach Flower Essences are an effective means of reducing or eliminating the unwelcome negative emotions and restoring mental and physical equilibrium. Dr. Bach was the first person to distill the healing power of flowers into a complete system of therapy, and is revered as the Father of Flower Essence Therapy.

With emotional problems, isn't it better to talk to someone like a friend or a counsellor?

While "talk therapy" is helpful, it has limitations because it does not remove the effects of the negative feelings already entrenched in the person's mental state. Flower essences can gently release them without the person having to struggle with letting them go. Flower essences can be useful separately or along with talk therapy, to bring faster healing.


How popular is Flower Essence Therapy? Who uses it?


Starting with the 38 flower essences formulated by Dr. Bach in the 1930s, flower essence therapy has become very popular all over the world. Other flower essence systems have also come up such as Master¡¯s and FES in USA, Bush Flower Essences in Australia, Aum Himalayan essences in India, Findhorn essences in Scotland, and many more.


With stress levels rising all over the world resulting in long-term emotional and mental disharmony, many people are resorting to the gentle healing effects of flower essence therapy to cope with everyday emotions as well as deeper issues.


Dr. Bach¡¯s 5-essence combination, Rescue Remedy, is extremely popular for its ability to very quickly and gently restore inner calm and sense of focus, especially in emergencies or high stress situations. Madonna, Elizabeth Hurley and Princess Anne are among the better-known users of Rescue Remedy.

How do Biochemic Tissue Salts work?

The basic philosophy of Biochemic Tissue Salt Therapy is that since illness is caused by any imbalance in these inorganic salts, administering the deficient mineral salt(s) in a readily assimilated form would re-establish the normal balance of these vital mineral salts, stimulate normal cell metabolism, and restore normal health.

Is it the same as modern "vitamin therapy"?

Biochemic Tissue Salts Therapy is not a form of supplementation like Vitamin Therapy. It is a systematic way of diagnosing the deficient mineral salts by their indications and supplying them in order to stimulate normal cell metabolism, and restore health. When health is established, the mineral salts need not be continued. The mineral salts are not supplements to replace the missing. Since they can be discontinued when health has been established, there can be no over-dosing, mega-dosing and other controversies now seen with supplements. 


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"The value of an idea lies in the using of it."
- Thomas Edison

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Different healing modalities for the whole YOU

Based on our philosophy that every patient¡¯s need is unique, at Allswell, we customize your treatment plan based on different healing modalities, such as Homeopathy, Flower Essence Therapy, Biochemic Tissue Salts Therapy, and others. To know more about these healing systems, please click on the links above, or scroll down.

Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences and Biochemic Tissue Salts are very effective for most non-emergency conditions and should be considered as the first resort for combating sickness. They are well recognised to be safe, and for having no harmful side effects. Many illnesses have been successfully cured by these systems.

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HOMEOPATHY for total health


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, 1755-1843
Founder & Father of Homeopathy

"The physician's high and ONLY mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed".



What do Queen Elizabeth II, Tina Turner, David Beckham and Sir Paul McCartney have in common?
All of them have found better health through homeopathy.